Remoistening in digital printing


In digital high speed printing, paper loses moisture during drying. The moisture loss leads to considerable quality and efficiency issues. Electrostatic remoistening increases the water content in the paper after drying, returning to the level required and thus improves quality and productivity throughout the entire process chain. The contactless remoistening system DIGIMOISTER 1500 can be installed in any new or existing digital high speed press. The pre-charging and the two-substance nozzle technology are patent protected.


  • Precise remoistening results at highest production speeds
  • Flat books or signatures
  • Less electrostatic charges on the paper
  • Dimensional stability (no expansion)
  • No broken fibers in the paper


  • Intuitive operation via a user friendly touchscreen remote control
  • Easy set-up of web width and water amount
  • Low maintenance costs


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