Advantages for the industry

Your Eltex market advantage

The operational benefits of Electrostatic Systems span a wide range. Besides purely technical functions, their use has many positive effects: higher quality, higher productivity, low energy consumption, and less downtime and environmental pollution.

From a business perspective, this electrostatic control means:

  • shorter test production runs
  • prevention of machine downtimes, production defects and rejects
  • less waste and spoilage
  • reduced energy costs, material and time
  • Competitive edge due to high product quality
  • The quality of a product is a decisive factor in its market success. Quality in this context may be ecological quality, performance quality, safety quality or visual quality. Many progressive companies have used electrostatic systems to set new quality standards and to achieve a definite edge in a competitive market.

Freedom in planning thanks to comprehensive consultation

When and how can Eltex electrostatic systems be added to your production processes? This is a question with several possible answers and we will be happy to answer it specifically as part of our recommendations and service to you:

  • In general, Eltex products can be retrofitted into existing production installations or machines.
  • Many new machine manufacturers are recognizing the importance of electrostatic systems and make necessary modifications to fit electrostatic systems. This eliminates the need to install additional equipment in the future.
  • Starting in the design phase for new machines, Eltex provides consultation for design engineers and mechanical engineers regarding their options for using electrostatic energy.

Our expertise supporting your processes

Eltex offers customers advanced solutions for eliminating static electricity. There is no other manufacturer anywhere in the world with so many proven solutions and established expertise in the area of electrostatic energy.

These solutions include measurement and control devices, charging and discharging devices and Eltex systems. Customers can also take full advantage of our applied expertise from research and development and field experience because this information is always part of our consultation and service.

Are you looking for technical solutions or do you have questions about our product portfolio?

We will be happy to advise you free of charge and discuss the possible next steps with you.