VARIO or SINGLE? The differences at a glance:


VARIO – variable and expandable:

  • One for all: The separate VARIO power supply unit (AC) allows you to operate one or more matched VARIO components
  • Individual setups exactly according to your needs: You can combine different Eltex VARIO components with each other
  • All VARIO components are securely connected to the power supply unit with a permanently installed high-voltage cable
  • VARIO components can also be operated via high-voltage extension cables and/or multiple distributors


  • In theVARIO network, you only need one power supply unit for up to 40 meters of electrodes and cable connection
  • The Eltex VARIO system can be expanded with additional components at any time
  • Components and power supply unit can be replaced individually if required


  • Continuous generation of positive and negative ions
  • No measurement (closed-loop) necessary to correct the ion quantity according to polarity
  • Optional measurement to control the effectiveness
  • Density and homogeneous ion generation due to small tip spacing
  • Passive discharge power in case of power supply failure or switch-off
  • Long and uniform life of all emission tips
  • Low effect loss due to grounded machine parts in the vicinity
  • Very long discharge bars possible (up to 5910mm)

Easy installation

  • Small electrodes
  • Simple bracket system
  • Extension cables and distributors for high voltage cables allow many installation options
  • VARIO electrodes can be installed flexibly, with small or large spacing and also air-assisted
  • Load of the electrodes permanently up to the ambient temperature of 80°C
  • Flexible installation also possible in grounded machine environment

SINGLE – easy to use everywhere

  • SINGLE components are compactly built thanks to the integrated power supply unit and therefore particularly easy to handle
  • SINGLE devices are usually supplied with power via a 24 V line


  • No separate place for power supply necessary
  • Compact design for individual unloading positions
  • Polarities separately adjustable
  • Pollution conductive and insulating better detectable


  • Good range even without air support thanks to high voltage and large tip spacing
  • Optimized performance because polarity and frequency are adjustable

Easy installation

  • For SINGLE you do not need to lay high voltage cables

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