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Electostatic energy as a modern solution

Electrostatics has become a fixture in many industrial processes. This is truer now than it’s ever been before. Unwanted electrostatic charges can cause problems anywhere where insulating material are produced and processed at high speeds. The solutions lies in the control and targeting charging/discharging that electrostatic systems offer.

Since 1953, Eltex has been developing solutions that utilize the benefits of electrostatics and eliminate the associated, unwanted side effects. We are an industry partner, and it is our objective to offer support in many industries by improving productivity, efficiency and profitability.

A leader in electrostatic control

An international sales network of more than 55 sales paratners means that Eltex has a global presence.To expand our role as the market leader in electrostatic control and process improvement technology throughout the world, Eltex cooperates with other leading manufacturers.

Being exceptional through research and developmentThrough basic research and applied technology, we have established an exceptional knowledge base. We are always expanding the list of our applications that are designed meet the needs and processes of our customers through new innovations and advances in existing innovations.


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