Eltex at the ACHEMA 2024 in Frankfurt: 10 - 14.07.2024

Smart grounding: avoid risks with electrostatic grounding

At ACHEMA 2024, world market leader Eltex presents intelligent electrostatic grounding systems for maximum safety in hazardous areas

Weil am Rhein, May 2024: For more than 70 years, everything at Electrostatic Innovations from Eltex has revolved around an exciting topic: using electrostatics wherever it is useful - and eliminating it where it is disruptive or even harmful. This core competence requires decades of expertise and experience with highly complex technological applications.

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Maximum safety for people and technology: Eltex highlights at ACHEMA 2024

The intelligent grounding contactors, cable rewinders and grounding cables from Eltex guarantee a stable and fault-free connection between the object to be grounded and the active ground monitoring device at all times. Visitors to ACHEMA 2024 can already look forward to the following product highlights:

Simple, fast and mains-independent: TERRALIGHT

The battery-operated, mobile TERRALIGHT ground monitoring system ensures safety for manual processes and processes that are not integrated into process monitoring by monitoring conductive objects independently of the mains - without major installation work.

Intelligent earthing with a system: TERRASMART

ACHEMA visitors will get an exclusive look at the brand new TERRASMART ground monitoring system, while everyone else will have to wait until the official market launch in a few months' time: TERRASMART guarantees permanently monitored, safe grounding - depending on the variant, with extended functions such as customizable switching thresholds, optional object detection or recording of operating parameters. The highlight: several TERRASMART grounding devices can be intelligently networked with the optional ECC control unit.

Simple operation, clear functions: Eltex Connected Control (ECC)

The innovative, multifunctional Eltex Connected Control (ECC) control unit is used for convenient operation, visualization, monitoring and central control of supported end devices and can be combined with all Eltex product groups.


The TERRACLAMP and TERRACLIP active grounding clamps ensure a secure connection for potential equalization at all times with a permanently high closing force. The TERRACORD impact-resistant cable return reels protect the grounding cable from damage and keep it safe. The TERRATEST test device can be used to quickly and easily check the capacitive or resistive switching thresholds of all Eltex grounding devices in conjunction with the respective Eltex grounding clamps used.

Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH in Weil am Rhein, founded in 1953, is the world's leading manufacturer of electrostatic systems. For more than 70 years, Eltex has been developing intelligent solutions for the beneficial use of electrostatics and the elimination of their undesirable side effects by means of targeted charging and discharging using electrostatic systems. Eltex's innovative products have established themselves as a fixture in numerous industries and help to optimize industrial processes, increase productivity and efficiency and minimize hazards and risks. With an international sales network and more than 55 representatives, Eltex has a global presence and is a leader in electrostatic control.

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