Discharge of plastic substrates on inkjet printer

A wide variety of products can be printed or marked with an inkjet printer

The small printer is used to print small quantities, mainly promotional items, pens, buttons, etc.

Print quality problems can result from static charges.

When printing on plastic parts or films, there are significant problems with print quality due to static charge. This is particularly the case when there is a high level of charge and the print is of high resolution.

Our solution

The quality problems can be completely eliminated by using a suitable discharging system as well as the correct positioning of the discharging bar.

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Which Eltex components are used?

slimBAR R47

Compact design for the entry-level model The particularly small and cost-effective slimBAR R47 combines proven Eltex know-how with a favorable price. Due to compact dimensions, the slimBAR R47 fits a wide range of applications.

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Less is more - strong performance in the most economical model The VARIO powe supply BASE IONIZER ES60 is the econimical solution for a strong performance. The simple and proven transformer allows a large power input.

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