Electrostatic discharge of PMMA panels at camper vans

Large PMMA panels are to be painted

Large PMMA sheets, also known as Perspex, Plexiglas or acrylic, are used in camper van construction. The PMMA sheets are painted with a solvent-based paint in the hazardous area.

Can PMMA become dangerously electrostatically charged?

An electrostatic charge is created by contact and separation. The sheets are stacked and are in intimate contact with each other. The stacked PMMA sheet becomes electrostatically charged to over 20KV when separated and the protective film is removed, so that there is a potential risk of explosion in the painting area.

Our solution

By using suitable discharge bars with an air assist, large plates can be discharged to the point where there is no longer a hazard from a gas discharge.

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Which Eltex components are used?

flexBAR R60L

HIGH-END discharge for highest discharge performance The VARIO discharging bar flexBAR R60L with its free-standing, air-assisted spring tips has a very high passive discharge effect, which enables active operation even at low AC high voltage. To increase the range, a small amount of air optionally flows through the hollow spring tip. The air flow additionally serves the continuous cleaning of the emission tip.

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Less is more - strong performance in the most economical model The VARIO powe supply BASE IONIZER ES60 is the econimical solution for a strong performance. The simple and proven transformer allows a large power input.

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