Grounding of four barrels

at a filling station

1. Machine function

In the production of a container, 4 drums filled with different substances are placed individually next to each other on a pallet. The substances are sucked in with a suction nozzle and transported further via pipes. During the suction process, the substances and the barrel are electrostatically charged. The drums must therefore be grounded and the ground connection monitored. The application is located in the EX-area!

2. Problem definition

For cost reasons, the customer did not want to monitor each individual drum separately. Since all 4 barrels always had to be grounded at the same time, he would also have had more wiring effort for pump release with individual monitoring. Our task was therefore to solve the task with only one monitoring device! At the same time, the system had to be designed to be escape-proof. The workers had to be forced to connect the clamps only to the barrel. Since a functioning solution was presented by us in advance, no request was made to the competition.

Our solution

The problem was solved by selecting suitable ground clamps and ground monitoring equipment, as well as by limiting the leakage resistance of the barrels to the ground.

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Which Eltex components are used?

The following Eltex products have been installed and tested on site by our experts. If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Terrabox TCB030 is designed for direct installation in explosion hazard areas and for connecting a clamp. Two clamps are connected when used for BIG BAG grounding. The dual-color indicator lamp signals the correct grounding state. The integrated contacts allow an enable circuit to be implemented.


601KR/AW, 601KR/DW, 601KR/KW

The cable rewinders 607KR rewind the grounding cable after use of the ground contactor, protecting the cable from damage. Several versions are available: The cable rewinders 601KR/AW and 601KR/DW come in an impact resistant aluminum casing and the cable rewinder 601KR/KW comes in an impact resistant plastic casing. All cable rewinders are appropriate for use in the explosion hazardous areas 1 and 21. Different designs of ground clamps are available.


Active grounding clamps

The active Eltex grounding clamps from the TERRACLAMP and the 70 series are used together with the TERRALIGHT and the Terra-Control TUE30 ground monitoring system to establish and monitor grounding connections. These devices are used when decanting or filling potentially explosive substances. Existing electrostatic changes are discharged effectively in a controlled manner.   The active grounding clamps from the TERRA-C/S, TERRA-C/B, 70AK and 70HK series feature extremely hard and sharp collet jaws. The jaws also feature a continuously high clamping force, ensuring a secure connection to the equipotential bonding at all times. The standard version of the grounding clamps includes a plug-in-connector for an easy connection to the included grounding cable, spiral cable and rewinding cable reels.