Active grounding clamps

Clamps TERRA-C/S, TERRA-C/B, 70AK, 70HK


The active Eltex grounding clamps from the TERRACLAMP and the 70 series are used together with the TERRALIGHT and the Terra-Control TUE30 ground monitoring system to establish and monitor grounding connections. These devices are used when decanting or filling potentially explosive substances. Existing electrostatic changes are discharged effectively in a controlled manner.


The active grounding clamps from the TERRA-C/S, TERRA-C/B, 70AK and 70HK series feature extremely hard and sharp collet jaws. The jaws also feature a continuously high clamping force, ensuring a secure connection to the equipotential bonding at all times. The standard version of the grounding clamps includes a plug-in-connector for an easy connection to the included grounding cable, spiral cable and rewinding cable reels.


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