Active grounding systems (TERRALIGHT)

Safe monitoring through continuous measurement of the ground connection

Smaller quantities of highly flammable materials are often filled by hand. These manual processes usually lack a suitable and reliable grounding system. As a result, tanks, barrels, buckets or funnels can take on an electrostatic charge. Resulting uncontrollable electrostatic discharge sparks lead to a high danger of explosion.

In these manual processes that are not integrated into the process monitoring, the battery-operated Eltex TERRALIGHT ground monitoring system provides safety and reliability. It checks whether the grounding contact has a conductive connection to the object being grounded, whether it has sufficient conductivity and whether the object itself is connected to the equipotential bonding conductor. This makes it possible to prevent dangerous electrostatic charges reliably without major installation effort.

Together with the Eltex TERRACLAMP and the Rewinding Cable Reels or ground cables available as accessories, safe, optimal and reliable grounding is guaranteed.

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