Electrostatic discharge of printed products before the three-knife trimmer

What is the task of a three-knife trimmer?

Adhesive-bound print products fall via a conveyor belt into a collecting chute where they form a stack. From there, the copies are fed to a three-knife trimmer which trims the print products at three edges.

Electrostatic charged papers adhere together

Electrostatic charging of the printed products delivers a varying number of copies to the three-knife trimmer. Sometimes all the products stick together, which stops the production process.

Our solution

The solution is to electrostatically discharge the printed products at a suitable position before they are cut by the three-knife trimmer.

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Which Eltex components are used?

slimBAR R47

Compact design for the entry-level model The particularly small and cost-effective slimBAR R47 combines proven Eltex know-how with a favorable price. Due to compact dimensions, the slimBAR R47 fits a wide range of applications.

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Less is more - strong performance in the most economical model The VARIO powe supply BASE IONIZER ES60 is the econimical solution for a strong performance. The simple and proven transformer allows a large power input.

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