Discharging of shrink sleeve films

Shrink sleeve films must be able to be laid out evenly in a scale before packaging.

A shrink sleeve film is unwinded on a cross-cutting machine and then cross-cut. The cross-cut films are deposited in a shingle on a conveyor belt. Small film packets are then formed from the scale by hand. The packets are placed in a box.

Our solution

Suitable discharge bars were installed in an optimal position and with adapted discharge angle. The one-sided air support optimizes the process.

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Which Eltex components are used?

The following Eltex products have been installed and tested on site by our experts. If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

flexBAR R60L

HIGH-END discharge for highest discharge performance The VARIO discharging bar flexBAR R60L with its free-standing, air-assisted spring tips has a very high passive discharge effect, which enables active operation even at low AC high voltage. To increase the range, a small amount of air optionally flows through the hollow spring tip. The air flow additionally serves the continuous cleaning of the emission tip.



The robust all-rounder with a large power input The VARIO IONIZER ES51 has 5 connections and works with proven Eltex technology. On the top side there is a LED display for the function and fault message. The device also has an analog interface. For a good ion balance, the device is available with and without parameter diode.


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