Effective discharging of small injection molded parts in the container

How does an injection molding machine work?

An injection molding machine is a machine that produces plastic parts from plastic in granular form. For this purpose, the required molding compound is prepared in the injection unit and injected into a die, which represents a negative mold (cavity) of the desired plastic part. Depending on the process used (thermoplastic injection molding, thermoset injection molding or the elastomer injection molding), various components of the machine are heated or tempered. In this application, the injection molding machine is located in a clean room. Medical plastic parts are produced.

Our Solution

A suitable Eltex discharge bar is installed on the drop chute of the injection molding machine in such a way that the electric field of the charged product is directed towards the discharge bar.

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Which Eltex components are used?

The following Eltex products have been installed and tested on site by our experts. If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Smart Discharging System SDS

Smart bar with integrated high-voltage generation In the SINGLE Smart Discharging System, components such as power supply, output stage and measurement technology are completely integrated into the slim electrode profile. Ideally suited for discharging in the medium distance and speed range. The Smart Discharging bar impresses with its simple installation and uncomplicated cleaning. The system, which can also be integrated into the quality management system, is operated via a central control module.   Protocol/device description files of the fieldbus interfaces for integration into the machine control: Information fieldbus integration


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