Eltex at drupa 2024 in Düsseldorf: 28.05 - 07.07.2024

More performance, less risk: Optimized printing processes thanks to intelligent electrostatic control

At drupa 2024, world market leader Eltex presents innovative electrostatic charging, discharging and grounding systems for maximum performance and safety

Weil am Rhein, April 2024: For more than 70 years, everything at Electrostatic Innovations from Eltex has revolved around an exciting topic: using electrostatics wherever it is useful - and eliminating it where it is disruptive or even harmful. This core competence requires decades of expertise and experience.

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The Eltex highlights at drupa 2024

Visitors to drupa 2024 can already look forward to the following product highlights:

Monitored Discharging: SENSOR, blueBAR R50, flexBAR R60L and PRO IONIZER

The revolutionary PRO IONIZER discharging power supply with patented Performance Control and optional fieldbus integration enables convenient process monitoring and control on multiple channels. Together with the blueBAR R50 or the flexBAR R60L with E-field sensor, the PRO IONIZER guarantees reliable discharging, high production quality and safe and monitored process sequences.

Sheet handling: flatBLOW R55E/RB, flatBLOW R36E/AF, Type B, Type T, flexBAR R60L

The highly effective discharging systems for sheet processing machines flatBLOW R55E/RB, flatBLOW R36E/AF, Type B, Type T and flexBAR R60L eliminate electrostatics between film and paper sheets and thus ensure trouble-free material transport.

ESA - Electrostatic Printing Assist: ESA POWER TOP GNH63 System, POWER CHARGER

With its simple operation and reliable high-voltage technology, the POWER TOP GNH63 system ensures printing without missing dots. With the POWER CHARGER high-voltage generator, the GNH63 electrostatic printing assist system achieves performance level d. The ESA top-loading system can be installed in new machines, retrofit existing machines with ESA or replace older top-loading systems. The upgrade is particularly easy for existing Eltex GNH61 or GNH60 systems.

Mobile Ground Monitoring: TERRALIGHT and TERRACLAMP

By monitoring conductive drums and containers independently of the mains, the battery-operated, mobile TERRALIGHT ground monitoring system ensures maximum safety when handling explosive liquids - with minimum installation effort. The active grounding clamps from the TERRACLAMP series with permanently high closing force ensure a secure connection to the equipotential bonding at all times.

Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH in Weil am Rhein, founded in 1953, is the world's leading manufacturer of electrostatic systems. For more than 70 years, Eltex has been developing intelligent solutions for the beneficial use of electrostatics and the elimination of their undesirable side effects by means of targeted charging and discharging using electrostatic systems. Eltex's innovative products have established themselves as a fixture in numerous industries and help to optimize industrial processes, increase productivity and efficiency and minimize hazards and risks. With an international sales network and more than 55 representatives, Eltex has a global presence and is a leader in electrostatic control.

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