Mobile ground monitoring on gravure presses with TERRALIGHT

Large solvent-containing containers are available for gravure printing directly at the press.

On a gravure press for flexible packaging there are many printing units with barrels and containers of solvent-based ink. Solvent-based ink is pumped or stirred into these containers. Mobile pump or agitator scales are available for this purpose. Larger containers are moved directly to the printing unit concerned. All conductive mobile containers must be grounded with grounding tongs. For cost reasons, the tongs used usually work passively.

Is passive grounding sufficient?

When using passive clamps, there is no way to check whether the connection is really grounded. It would therefore be desirable to monitor the ground connection. With conventional ground monitoring systems, a power supply is required. Therefore, numerous systems would have to be installed, which would exceed the budget. A safe and cost-effective solution is required.

Our solution

A mobile active grounding system can be used to monitor drums or containers for their ground leakage as needed. Due to its mobility, it can be used very cost-effectively.

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Which Eltex components are used?


In smaller quantities, highly flammable materials are often filled by hand. As in these cases there is no reliable ground connection of the containers, barrels, scoops or hoppers, there is a high explosion hazard due to uncontrolled electrostatic sparks.   The TERRALIGHT now provides safety, even for manual processes. It checks whether the grounding contact has a conductive connection to the object being grounded and even whether it has a connection to potential equalization. This helps ensure reliable dissipation of static charges.

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