Preventing paper pages from sticking together in finishing machines

In print finishing machines, the individual sheets are further processed and the final product is manufactured.

When supplements are being inserted, e.g. in an advertising brochure, these copies are first opened by the postpress machine. Ideally, the supplement must be inserted between two defined pages.

Electrostatic charges are already generated in the printing press

Contact and separation can cause paper webs to become electrostatically charged while still in the press. The drier a paper is, the greater the charge can be. The printing principle can also play a role with regard to the level of charging, as active charging systems are also installed in web offset presses or gravure presses, for example. Paper charging can mean that copies cannot be opened in a finishing machine.

Our solution

The individual paper ribbons can be discharged by discharging bars so that the printed product can be opened in the finishing machine. Due to the high web speed, a suitable discharging bar of the vario type must be used.

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Which Eltex components are used?

blueBAR R50

The robust all-rounder bar The VARIO discharge bar blueBAR R50 creates a significantly higher active discharge capacity than most discharge techniques. The isolated ground conductor enhances the E-field at the active tips, contributing to increased production and velocity of charge carriers. Thus, significantly more positive ions and free negative electrons are available than with conventional bars. At the same time, the bars have a high passive discharge capacity. The resistance-decoupled tips ensure good discharge performance and make the bar absolutely short-circuit and touch-proof.  

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The robust all-rounder with a large power input The VARIO IONIZER ES51 has 5 connections and works with proven Eltex technology. On the top side there is a LED display for the function and fault message. The device also has an analog interface. For a good ion balance, the device is available with and without parameter diode.

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