Effective discharge of small injection molded parts in the mold

How does an injection moulding machine work?

An injection molding machine is a machine that produces plastic parts from plastic in granular form. For this purpose, the required molding compound is prepared in the injection unit and injected into a die, which represents a negative mold (cavity) of the desired plastic part. Depending on the process used (thermoplastic injection molding, thermoset injection molding or elastomer injection molding), various components of the machine are heated or tempered. Injection molding machines generally consist of two parts: The injection unit, which prepares the raw material and injects it into the mold under pressure, and the clamping unit, which receives the mold and opens and closes it.

Electrostatic charge can cause small parts to stick in the tool

Due to the injection process as well as contact and separation of the product when opening the mold and ejecting the parts, the high-resistance plastic molded part becomes electrostatically charged. Due to the very low mass, a small charge is sufficient for small parts to adhere to the grounded mold. When the mold is subsequently closed, the machine comes to a standstill.

After injection moulding the plastic parts must be released from the mould.

Our solution

The problem was solved by using special air nozzles with integrated ionization. The positioning was done at the suitable place at the injection mold.

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Which Eltex components are used?

The following Eltex products have been installed and tested on site by our experts. If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The robust all-rounder with a large power input The VARIO IONIZER ES51 has 5 connections and works with proven Eltex technology. On the top side there is a LED display for the function and fault message. The device also has an analog interface. For a good ion balance, the device is available with and without parameter diode.


Ion blower nozzles flatBLOW R36E, R55E

flatBLOW - Ion blower nozzles for almost any application In our product group flatBLOW you can find all Eltex flat blower nozzles. From narrow to wide to angled nozzles, everything is included. The basic bodies R36E and R55E are available in straight and angled versions.


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