Grinding material suction

1. Machine function

With a grinding material suction system, there are problems with electrostatically charged grinding material. The regrind material is sucked in via a hose with an outer diameter of approx. 72 mm and is electrostatically charged in such a way that the material partially adheres to the metal funnel and does not fall down. As a result, the entire system becomes clogged and cleaning-related downtimes occur.

2. Problem definition

The conveyor manufacturer has already installed 2 cleaning injectors that blow the system free with compressed air. This has brought a small improvement, but since the static was not eliminated, this was not a sufficient measure.

Adhesion to glass
Adhesion inside

Our solution

A small ionizing nozzle was installed in the conveying hose via an additional pipe connection. The ionizer was installed in such a way that it can operate almost maintenance-free.

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Which Eltex components were used?


The robust all-rounder with a large power input The VARIO IONIZER ES51 has 5 connections and works with proven Eltex technology. On the top side there is a LED display for the function and fault message. The device also has an analog interface. For a good ion balance, the device is available with and without parameter diode.

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With the VARIO Y-adapter tubeBLOW EAR36E it is possible to blow ions into closed tube systems. Variable diameters allow the ion blower nozzle to be connected to almost all common tube diameters.

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