Charging of non-woven filter material with Eltex POWER CHARGER

Charging of non-woven filter material with Eltex POWER CHARGER

Due to the increased worldwide demand for protective masks, the production of non-woven filter materials is running at full speed. This special material as a preliminary product of mask production is processed by protective mask manufacturers worldwide. It is produced in the so-called meltblown process.

The use of electrostatic charging ensures an improved filter effect and high air permeability. The charged non-woven material catches particles and aerosol droplets, even if they are very tiny. The filtration stability over a long period of time results from the fact that no particles remain attached to the filter.

Electrostatic charging is therefore an important part of the meltblown production process. Eltex charging systems offer a wide range of charging bars and high-voltage generators to meet the various requirements of the production process. The new high voltage generator POWER CHARGER is a powerful high-tech device that is already used by various mask manufacturers in Germany and China.

The retrofitting of existing meltblown systems with electrostatic charging is possible at any time.

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